Service Lifetimes in Blazor

In this post, I want to show some slight differences in behaviour with dependency injection lifetimes in Blazor and Razor Components, aka server-side Blazor.…

5 min read

Welcome to Code Daze 2.0!

Since the release of Ghost 2.0 I've been working on updating the theme for Code Daze. While the first version of the theme served its purpose I've been wanting to add some more functionality. For example, I couldn't even add a new page to the site without having to update the theme as a lot of thing…

1 min read

Introduction to Server-side Blazor aka Razor Components

Today I'm going to cover what server-side Blazor is. I'll talk a bit about Blazors architecture. Then move on to how the server-side model works along with its pros and cons. Then finish off by talking a bit about how it fits in with the client-side model and how things will progress going forward.…

6 min read

Global Error Handling in ASP.NET Core MVC

In this post I'll show you how you can handle both exceptions and non-success status codes, such as 404s, within your ASP.NET Core MVC applications…

5 min read