Welcome to Code Daze 2.0!

Since the release of Ghost 2.0 I've been working on updating the theme for Code Daze. While the first version of the theme served its purpose I've been wanting to add some more functionality. For example, I couldn't even add a new page to the site without having to update the theme as a lot of things were hardcoded.

CodeDaze 2.0 is pretty much a total overhaul. I've removed all of the hardcoding and it now relies on Ghosts built-in theme APIs. I've added a side bar on larger resolutions which provides some useful links, as well as allowing you to discover more content. I've also given the navigation an overhaul and I'll be adding a few new links soon. And while the old version worked well on mobile devices, 2.0 should be even better.

I've also added some tooling. There are now Gulp tasks which build and package the theme for uploading which is a big help. They also concatenate and minify the CSS. Although there are a few more improvements I'm looking to make, it's a big step forward.

I hope you like the new look and find the changes useful. As always you can find everything on GitHub if you want to check any of the code out.