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Dockerising an ASP.NET Core application

Docker is a technology which allows applications to be packged up and run in containers. In this post we will go through how to achieve this with an ASP.NET Core application. All code from this post is available on my GutHub account. And can be found here. Step 1 - Getting Setup I am going to be doing this from a Mac. But you can easily use Windows or Linux if you prefer. If you don't have it already, you will need to install Docker onto your machine. I have added a couple of links below to install guides on the Docker site. They will walk you through the process and get you all setup and read…

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How I Dockerised my blog

Docker is a fantastic tool and great if you're running a VPS like me. However a common question is... What if I want to be able to run multiple sites from a single VPS? Most websites running in containers listen on port 80 by default. Only one of them can be bound to that port at a time, so whats the answer? Well, unless you want to access your websites using addresses such as Then a reverse proxy is the answer. Nginx will be our reverse proxy. It will take all incoming requests and route them to the correct container via Dockers VIRTUAL_HOST variable. Prerequisites You w…

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