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Dockerising an ASP.NET Core application

Docker is a technology which allows applications to be packged up and run in containers. In this post we will go through how to achieve this with an ASP.NET Core application. All code from this post is available on my GutHub account. And can be found here. Step 1 - Getting Setup I am going to be doi…

ASP.Net to ASP.Net Core 2 - 5 things to know

When I first heard about ASP.NET Core I couldn't wait to try it. But for me, v1 and v1.1 just didn't have enough APIs. Welcome ASP.NET Core 2! The ASP.NET Core 1 framework had around 14-16 thousand APIs available. With ASP.NET Core 2 that number is now in the region of 36 thousand. With that I have…

Chris Sainty By Chris Sainty | Posted in aspnet-core | 4 min read

Creating an ASP.NET Core app on a Mac

Coming from a Windows background I took the plunge recently and swapped to a Mac. This gives the perfect opportunity to get into .NET Core! In this post I'm going to take you through getting everything setup and creating your first app. Prerequisites Lets just go over a few things to get us started…

Chris Sainty By Chris Sainty | Posted in aspnet-core | 3 min read